Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Wight Life

Here's a little bit about me!

Many of the #Elevensestime crowd know me as @loves2crochetuk some know me as Sarah, to 3 very special little people I am mum. My eldest son is 15, my daughter is 13 (she'd tell you nearly 14 actually and say that there are only 5 days left 'til her birthday but I am holding on to the younger numbers as long as I can) and then there is our new addition who is just 5 months old! So as you can imagine our life is a hectic jumble of teething, exams, friendships, relationships, hair straighteners, football and tons of other stuff too!

I am currently a stay at home mum on maternity leave and seriously hoping to remain that for a while if I can. Unfortunately money might mean that's not realistic.

Things that I love or am proud of! :

  • Watching my babys' face light up when I pull a silly face or make a funny noise at him, watching the wonder in his eyes when he spots something new going on around him!
  • Watching my older 2 with him, seeing that (somehow) they have both turned out to be amazing loving children!
  • Seeing the oldest 2 doing so well at school after I home schooled them both for 8 years!
  • Seeing my partner play and chat with our baby everyday!
  • Spending time with family!
  • Overcoming depression.
  • I love the smell of freshly cut grass, petrol, freshly baked bread, good coffee, early morning, snow days - they do have a smell?!
  • I love every season, for different reasons.
  • Crochet - obviously!
  • Blogging  - not quite so obviously!
I could list things here for ages but I'll stop now before I send you to sleep! 

A Settled Life on The Isle of Wight

I have lived on the Isle of Wight since I was 14 so just over 20 years now, I  haven't always felt settled here but I'm in a good place in life now and happy to be wherever me and my family are. I wonder if moving away from the area I grew up in at 14 is what made me unsettled here in later life? Like everything I had grown up knowing was suddenly not there anymore and I (and my parents) had to start again in a completely different environment to what we had been used to? To be honest that's not something I have seriously thought of until now and I feel its not something I need to over-think either, I am here now and I am very happy so all is good :)
I have recently created a new twitter account @WightHour to help promote local businesses here and the popularity of #wighthour (Mondays 8-9pm) is growing week on week.
One of my items available @
Made on the Isle of Wight
Bullen Road, Ryde, IOW
PO33 1QE
And Online here

I Love to Crochet

My username on twitter is @loves2crochetuk - I had wanted to learn to crochet most of my life, my Nan was a crocheter but not the best teacher! My mum is an excellent knitter - something I can do but don't love. A few years ago I came across a few crochet hooks stashed away in the loft and finally had a go! I have tried many different crafts over the years, lace making, candle making, cross stitch, drawing, knitting but had never taken to any of them.  Crochet is different! I love to crochet. I enjoy making a variety of pieces generally quite modern and fresh looking items that would fit in with most styles. I always use 100% natural high quality yarns.

I blog from time to time (never as often as I intend to!) and it is something I intend to try! to improve on. I actually enjoy writing when I just let myself go a bit! If you have enjoyed this short post by me then I would love you to stop by my blog Loves2Crochet and say hello!

I have been a participant of #elevensestime on twitter for a good few years now, everyone there is so nice and friendly and it is nice to share my morning cuppa with you all :)
Sarah x


  1. Very interested to see that you self-educated your children. Did you feel that you got all the backing and encouragement you needed from local authority etc? Were there a group of you or did you manage alone?

  2. I had as much as I needed, but really I didn't want their involvement too much, but was nice knowing they were there if I needed them. There was a group that we belonged to for a while, but it was important to me that they mixed with other children who went to mainstream school rather than only home educated ones, I think that has helped them fit into school well aswell.

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