Thursday, 23 August 2012

Slapped Wrists and Sodden Paths

I have been struggling, as no doubt many others have, to find enough occasions when my free time coincides with dry weather to enable me to actually do anything productive at the plot. The extremes of weather have given the weeds and crops perfect growing conditions but have also kept us off the soil enough to allow Triffid like revolutions. As a consequence, I received a letter from my association warning of eviction if I didn't remedy the situation on my plot and spend more time working on it.
Now, you could forgive me for thinking that in hard times, when even the professionals are complaining, your friendly association would reach out a hand of support but these pencil squeezers have done the opposite. I can forsee so many plots being abandoned and the loss of many first timers thanks to this lack of sensibility.
I'll will post what I discover but I already know of one young family who will be hard pushed to recover from three consecutive months of flood, drought and tropical storms.
it's sad when the powers that be would rather kick people off than offer leniancy and help.