Wednesday, 17 June 2009

How do you manage the #elevensestime conversation.

The elevensestime hour can get quite busy some days, with many conversation streams going on at any one time, several of which you may be participating in. And, to make things more complicated, some of the posts may miss the elevensestime tag or the tag might be misspelled. And we might miss several posts while we make the tea or answer the phone. I suspect we all struggle from time to time.

Watching this in the main browser twitstream can be difficult. But at least it is a single stream so you only have to go up and down the list of posts; avoiding any from people who are not in the main loop. And don't even try to follow a conversation back too many steps.

And setting up a third party application like TweetDeck can be complicated. You probably need columns for:
  • Mentions - so you can see messages which refer to you.
  • Elevensestime search - so you can see all posts with the hashtag.
  • Elevensestime group (i.e. all the people in the group you communicate with) so you can pick up the posts which miss the tag.
Working on an phone has it's own problems, not least the space available.

And then there is the time delay, with posts appearing much sooner in the web browser than TweetDeck (or any other app being used) you might be tempted to switch from app to web to speed things along.

And there is a possibility you run out of API calls in TweetDeck requiring you to change the way you might be working.

Does anyone find this easy. Obviously we men, not being competent at multi-tasking, will struggle. But has anyone found an easy way to do this? What systems and processes are you using to track elevensestime? Have the recent changes to TweetDeck helped (personally I find the conversation window quite useful, especially when you come into a conversation late). What other system do you use? Does the multiple columns on the iPhone version of TweetDeck help?


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  1. I have found TweetDeck is ok, but have only really been an observer of one elevenses time and participated in one.

    I have a complex set of columns though and have tweaked my API calls limit and adjusted the fequencies of when things are checked so I run close to my limit but can still make 8 tweets and/or account checks per minute.